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All I want for Christmas….

images.jpgI’ve asked my children this question now and it’s obvious that they have adopted mum’s addiction to publishing and online communication media. They have all written their wish-lists on their Google accounts and e-mailed links to their documents to aunts, uncles and grandparents. “Now we can add more things without sending new e-mails.”, they proudly told me. “They can all just get a message when we change ore add something on our lists.” The massage they talk about is  the rss they have on their documents. It has come clear to me now that they, in the age of 9, 10 and 12 already uses these tools as natural for their communication with family and friends. I do wonder how this will effect the upcoming generations and the way they communicate with each other. I’m not really sceptical. I just think we have a responsibility to teach the children positive and creative ways to use these powerful media of communications as they also can be used in damaging ways. I think we need to discuss much more complex issues concerning communication with our children now compared to what was needed just a few years ago. Thoughts anyone?

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New blogg site


It’s been a long time since I’ve bloged anything now, and I even got a new blog site. I want to try out WordPress to see if this tool can provide the same or hopefully a better framework for teacherstudents to write their reflections inn and present their work through. I will test it for my selves first so here we go..

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